Security Token Academy to Launch Kickoff Event in London in June

Security Token Academy to Launch Kickoff Event in London in June

The Security Token Academy is crossing the Atlantic to facilitate the emerging token industry in Europe. The organization plans to hold its kickoff event on June 12th in London.

The Security Token Academy is gearing up for its kickoff event this June in London. Called the Security Token London Meetup Kickoff Event, the event will bring together thought leaders in the UK within the security token industry.

Back in October, 2018, the Security Token Academy made the news for its Industry Launch Event in NYC. With many of the most influential leaders in the industry attending, the event was meant to upstart the still-new security token sector. Since then, the team has been hard at work educating the space on this emerging industry.

Now, they are crossing the Atlantic to bring this same expertise to the United Kingdom. Meeting in London, the Security Token Academy is looking to meet security token enthusiasts and investors to help them better understand what the future holds for this sector.

Aubrey Chernick, in a comment on the planned event, was optimistic about the Academy’s expansion.

“Security Token Academy’s foray into London will allow us to bring great minds together on a global scale to share expert opinions, offer valuable insights and make strong connections. This event will celebrate how the security token industry continues to evolve and disrupt the financial industry, particularly in London — one of the greatest financial capitals of the world.”

Given that there is still a significant information gap in the security token space, the Academy hopes to educate the public on this new financial instrument.

Is there currently an ‘information gap’ in the security token space? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Image courtesy of the Security Token Academy.