MAS Capital Joins the Security Token Alliance

MAS Capital Joins the Security Token Alliance

The Security Token Alliance is a collection of teams in the security token industry. Now, MAS Capital has just announced it is joining to strengthen this growing alliance. 

The Security Token Alliance was founded in 2019 to bring together the greatest minds and projects in this emerging industry. MAS Capital, a venture capital and financial consulting firm, is now joining their ranks. MAS Capital specializes in venture-stage, growth, and expansion capital. They primarily operate in the United States and Asia.

MAS hopes to list security token offerings via their platform, MASEx.

Currently, the Security Token Alliances boasts some 32 member companies. Their aim is to bring compliant security token offerings to the masses.

Industry Trends Point Towards STO

The reason MAS Capital joined the alliance is their belief that STOs are the future of the financial industry. Currently, STOs are very limited in their visibility, but MAS Capital hopes to change that.

Through their partnership, MAS and the alliance hope to bring more exchange-listed STOs to the public. Most of the compliance questions can be resolved with expertise, which is what MAS hopes to offer.

Currently, Mas Capital is amidst signing many security token professionals onto their team. They are looking to broaden their participation in digital assets and create better financial outcomes for all.

It’s always good news to see partnerships, coming together, and efforts to educate the public on security tokens.  

Do you see the Security Token Alliance playing a central force in lobbying governments to adopt STO-friendly legislation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Security Token Alliance.