HashKey to Bet Big On Altcoins with New Liquid Fund
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HashKey to Bet Big On Altcoins with New Liquid Fund

Hashkey is putting its faith in major altcoins with its new fund, with less 50% allocation for BTC and ETH.
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Hashkey Capital has unveiled details about its new strategic plan, notifying its users about its upcoming investment agenda. The firm is betting big on altcoins to maximize returns instead of investing capital in major crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Hashkey Capital Seeks Investments in Major Altcoins.

Hashkey Capital is unveiling its new crypto market fund on Friday, setting its strategic expansion precedent in motion. The company revealed new details in an interview, adding that HashKey Capital is keen on investing funds in major altcoins to strengthen its returns.

According to HashKey’s portfolio manager, Jupiter Zheng, the fund has already tapped high-net-worth individuals and investment firms serving rich Asian families.

“We see untapped demand from professional investors who wish to chase above-market alpha (returns) in crypto,”

Zheng told Reuters.

HashKey Capital has a record of managing $1 billion worth of assets. According to Zheng, the firm also plans to raise $100 million for this fund in the next 12 months.

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HashKey Capital Will Invest Less than 50% of its Fund in BTC and ETH.

In a surprising new revelation, HashKey’s Jupiter Zheng revealed how the firm will allocate less than 50% of its new fund to leading crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company plans to leverage low-volatility altcoins to maximize returns and stabilize its earnings. Zheng further shared how some of the company’s fund holdings will also be in cash.

HashKey Capital seems to be adopting a strategic stance in its efforts to expand its domain. Based out of Hong Kong, the firm is embracing the organic push to embrace the growing Web3 revolution in the region. The city has accommodated more than 100 cryptocurrency and blockchain-based events in the past, displaying a favorable viewpoint toward regional blockchain adoption and implementation.

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