Florida Residents Most Interested in Metaverse: Report
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Florida Residents Most Interested in Metaverse: Report

Florida citizens are the most keen to explore the metaverse, a recent survey revealed.
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Florida residents are the most eager to explore the metaverse, with 670 Google searches per 1,000 people from the state targeting the concept, according to a study conducted by CoinKickoff. Globally, Vietnam loves the metaverse the most, while Ireland topped the negative side of the spectrum.

Florida Tops the List with 670 Metaverse Searches per 1,000 people

According to a recent survey, Florida residents show the highest interest in exploring the metaverse, with 670 searches per 1,000 people. The findings stemmed from research by CoinKickoff which analyzed 1.6 million tweets from several countries to discover their interest in the metaverse.

Orlando, Florida’s fourth most populous city, seems particularly passionate about the metaverse as it attempts to leverage its creative and aerospace hubs to drive over $1 billion in local investment. Orlando and Miami have used 3D and virtual reality (VR) technologies to recreate their cities in the metaverse.

In addition, Americans’ interest in the metaverse may be starting to increase across the US. Recent research by McKinsey showed that over 75% of US residents are aware of the metaverse, while 55% use at least one platform with metaverse technology. A separate poll by Ipsos revealed that 41% of residents are curious about the metaverse, and 35% are excited about its potential.

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56.8% of Vietnam Users Feel Positive About the Metaverse

On a global scale, CoinKickoff’s study found that Vietnam showed the most optimistic attitude towards the rapidly-growing concept of the metaverse, with 56.8% of the tweets from the country being positive. But the findings shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the Southeast Asian country is also one of the leaders in terms of crypto adoption.

Vietnam was closely followed by the Philippines and Ukraine, with 56.2% and 54.9% positive tweets. The Philippines was also the country that expressed the most interest in the metaverse, with 2,421 Google searches per 1000 people.

“The Philippines are among the most enthusiastic when it comes to the metaverse’s development, hosting Asia’s largest metaverse conference in Manila in May 2022. Its tech community is also emerging as one of the continent’s leaders in the space, with a startup community ready to popularize the metaverse in the already-popular gaming sector.”

– the survey found.

Meanwhile, Ireland topped the chart regarding negative feelings toward the metaverse, with 14.4% of tweets being negative. Other countries that do not like the metaverse include Denmark and New Zealand.

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