FinTech4Good Releases STO Handbook

FinTech4Good Releases STO Handbook

After a successful conference in New York on April 12th, FinTech4Good has released an STO handbook which details the current security token industry. The publication is filled with information for both crypto enthusiasts and those looking to issue their own security tokens.

In mid-April, FinTech4Good hosted its own NYC Security Token Forum. The event was held in Times Square Tower and included notable speakers such as Tim Draper and others.

The conference was a massive success and bears some resemblance to the Security Token Academy’s “Security Token Launch Event” also held in NYC in late 2018.

However, to further instruct future players in the industry on STOs, the organization has now put out a handbook to make everything a little bit easier.

The STO Handbook

FinTech4Good’s STO Handbook is packed with information on new market players and how the STO ecosystem is expected to develop.

The report begins with a general overview of the ICO market and the current trends within traditional investment in private companies. The report then goes on to properly define security tokens, their many categories, and the features that are generally associated with them.

Main market players are also discussed in detail along with information on how startups can launch their own STOs. Of course, significant space is given to the current regulatory environment. Public offering exceptions are discussed as per Regulation A and Regulation D; moreover, the regulations regarding crowdfunding are also laid out in detail. Attention is given to how non-US investors can participate in STOs without any issues.

Finally, the report concludes with general predictions on where the STO space is headed with data points.

Overall, the handbook is a useful tool for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and those looking to organize their own STO. It’s just another step in FinTech4Good’s efforts to make the STO industry as accessible as possible.

Is there currently an information gap in the STO industry? Is this handbook a step in the right direction? Let us know your thoughts below. 

Image courtesy of FinTech4Good.