El Salvador’s Ministry of Education Creates a Bitcoin Course for School Students
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El Salvador’s Ministry of Education Creates a Bitcoin Course for School Students

The course is set to help El Salvadorans avail critical awareness on basic Bitcoin concepts.
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The non-profit and NGO My Primer Bitcoin has entered into an alliance with the Ministry of Education in El Salvador to include a Bitcoin course in its school curriculum. The initial training program for the course, dubbed “My First Bitcoin,” will officially start on September 7 and is set to train 150 teachers in essential Bitcoin concepts and know-how.

El Salvador Unveils a New Bitcoin Course

El Salvador, the first nation to officially embrace Bitcoin as legal tender, is pushing forward to make essential Bitcoin knowledge accessible to all. The country’s Ministry of Education has entered into a strategic alliance with My Primer Bitcoin, a non-profit and an NGO, to include Bitcoin in its school curriculum.

In collaboration with MPB and the Bitcoin Beach, El Salvador’s Ministry of Education intends to launch the official Bitcoin curriculum, dubbed “My First Bitcoin,” for its students to access and avail. Upon completing the diploma, the students will be entitled to an official diploma certifying their Bitcoin learnings and expertise.

The pilot diploma program is set to launch on September 7 and includes a systematic schedule for teachers to gain critical Bitcoin knowledge. The Bitcoin Diploma program will initially be taught to 150 teachers from 75 schools to help them understand the basics of Bitcoin and its foundational concepts. Speaking about the official Bitcoin diploma program, John Dennehy, the founder of MPB, shared that if successful, the program will be available in every school from next year onward.

“When My First Bitcoin began two years ago, one of my dreams was to educate a nation. This is a significant step toward that. “

Dennehy later shared

El Salvador is leaving no stone unturned to popularize Bitcoin among the masses. The nation had recently started a few learning programs focused on Bitcoin to help students attain basic ideas about the budding Bitcoin ecosystem in the country.

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El Salvador Continues its Bitcoin Drive

El Salvador has long been a staunch proponent of Bitcoin. The country was among the first to adopt BTC as a legal tender, compelling other nations to take the lead in acknowledging Bitcoin as a credible digital payment option.

In November 2022, El Salvador’s president, Bukele, announced its decision to purchase one bitcoin daily to strengthen its reserves and boost the nation’s financial prospects. In May 2022, Bukele made another announcement, sharing how he is keen on launching a smart city based on Bitcoin to lead the global cryptocurrency adoption drive. Funded by Bitcoin-based bonds, the city is set to develop in Conchagua, near Conchagua Volcano in El Salvador.

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