Bit Mining Launches New Generation of Litecoin/Dogecoin Rigs
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Bit Mining Launches New Generation of Litecoin/Dogecoin Rigs

BTCM says the new LD4 machine has a higher maximum hashrate and offers better energy efficiency compared to LD3.
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Bit Mining Limited, a crypto mining company developing machines that excel in mining on Litecoin and Dogecoin networks, launched a new version of its LD series machines. According to the press release, the LD4 is superior to LD3 in multiple areas, including energy efficiency, maximum hashrate, and cost-effectiveness.

What are the Upgrades in the LD4?

On Monday, Hong Kong-based crypto mining firm BIT Mining Limited announced the rollout of LD4 – the latest generation of its Dogecoin and Litecoin mining machine. This is the third Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining machine BTCM developed since it acquired the mining hardware maker Bee Computing in 2022.

BTCM’s LD series miners are explicitly designed to offer maximum hashrate and energy efficiency for mining on the Litecoin and Dogecoin blockchains, the company said in the press release. The new series has a power efficiency of 0.71 W/MH, a notable gain compared to 0.73 W/MH offered by its predecessor, LD3. Similarly, the LD4 has a peak output of 5GH/s, up from LD3’s 4.8 GH/s.

“This breakthrough in mining efficiency makes LD4 the best machine available on the market for both Litecoin and Dogecoin. LD4’s reliable design features excellent heat dissipation, which enables its computing chip to frequently work at lower temperatures during long-term, consistent operations, and in turn extends LD4’s lifecycle.”

– BIT Mining Limited wrote in the press release on Monday.

In addition, the LD4 uses an aluminum Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and a single airflow channel mining machine design. The aluminum construction allows for better thermal conductivity and makes it easier to maintain optimal operating temperatures, BTCM claims.

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Crypto Mining Market Bouncing Back

BTCM’s launch of a next-gen mining machine comes amid a rebound in a market battered last year as cryptocurrencies plummeted to multi-year lows amid the so-called “crypto winter.”

The price recovery of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies this year gave a much-needed confidence boost to crypto mining firms after many of their peers failed to survive the 2022 downturn. Earlier this year, Bitdeer, a mining company founded by crypto entrepreneur Jihan Wu, announced plans to go public in a deal with a more than $1 billion valuation.

Following a recent Bitcoin difficulty adjustment, the estimated number of hashes required to mine a block on the world’s biggest blockchain surged to 209 zettahashes, according to Glassnode. The mining difficulty is a closely followed metric that indicates the Bitcoin network’s health.

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