Which Security Token Trading Platform is Best? Bitcoin Market Journal Reveals Platform Rating Scheme

Which Security Token Trading Platform is Best? Bitcoin Market Journal Reveals Platform Rating Scheme

As of mid-June 2019, Bitcoin Market Journal revealed a security token trading platform rating scheme with reviews for six active platforms. Criteria such as backlinks, notable tokens listed, twitter followers, and glassdoor company ratings were used to calculate a total overall rating.

The Best Security Token Trading Platforms with Ratings and Reviews

Security tokens represent the compliant integration of traditional financial securities with the benefits of distributed ledger technology.

Despite being a nascent industry, more than $500,000,000 has been invested into the space, explaining the quick rise of Security Token Offerings (STOs) which experienced a 130% increase in Q1 2019.

Security token trading platforms require significantly stricter approval when compared to their cryptocurrency exchange counterparts. The exact conditions of receiving such approval when depend on the applicable jurisdictions for each platform.

In seeking to identify the ‘best’ security token trading platform for investors, Bitcoin Market Journal has created their own evaluation criteria to score the following six platforms.

NameDescriptionLaunch YearNumber of BacklinksNotable Tokens Listed on PlatformTwitter FollowersGlassdoor Company RatingScore
SharesPostLaunched in 2009, SharesPost is a leading secondary trading platform for private securities. In 2019, the exchange also launched security token trading through the listing of the BCAP token. 200919,330BCAP2,5473.94.5
Gibraltar Blockchain ExchangeLaunched in 2018, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is a regulated exchange that enables European investors to trade digital currencies and security tokens. 201818,670STACS, T2T7,146NA4
OpenFinance NetworkLaunched in 2018, OpenFinance Network is the first regulated secondary market trading platform for digital assets that enables investors to buy and sell security tokens such as BCAP and SPICE in the US.20182,450BCAP, SPICE4,746NA3.5
tZeroLaunched in 2019, Overstock-owned tZero is a security token issuance and trading platform that enables accredited investors to buy and sell security tokens. Currently, users can only trade the platform's TZROP token.20199,330TZROP11,300NA3.5
Blocktrade AGLaunched in 2018, Blocktrade is a Liechtenstein-based trading facility for security tokens, digital currencies and tokenized assets. 20184,180CHX, AXPR, BTT2,223NA3.5
STX.SWISSLaunched in 2019, STX.SWISS is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for security tokens that was built on top of the Ethereum blockchain by Switzerland's Swiss Exchange (SIX). 201992XCHF, IMMO353.63

What do you think of the rating scheme used to review these security token trading platforms? Do you agree with the criteria used in their evaluation? We’d like to know what you think in the comments section below.

Image courtesy of DI Theory.