tZERO to Integrate Securitize’s Digital Securities (DS) Protocol

tZERO to Integrate Securitize’s Digital Securities (DS) Protocol

As of May 9th 2019, security token trading platform tZERO is set to integrate Securitize’s DS Protocol. The integration will allow investors using the tZERO platform to trade security tokens issued by Securitize.

tZERO and Securitize’s DS Protocol Explained

Earlier this week, tZERO made headlines when Overstock announced a transition of existing Series A preferred shares to tokenized shares via tZERO.

Now, according to a tweet from Securitize CEO Carlos Domingo, tZERO is integrating his company’s Digital Securities (DS) Protocol, enabling tZERO users to trade security tokens issued and managed through Securitize.

The tweet, dated May 9th, reads:

“Today @OverstockCEO announced in their earnings call that they are integrating @Securitize Digital Securities protocol to @tzeroblockchain to be able to trade security tokens issued with our platform. Thanks to @Noursalehi for the vote of confidence. Great win for our customers.”

To be clear, the terms ‘security token’ and ‘digital security’ are synonymous. The difference in terms is merely part of an ongoing terminological debate over which nomenclature is best suited for the nascent industry.

Security tokens, in their broadest sense, represent the integration of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the ownership of various real-world assets— all the while incorporating regulatory compliance. Existing tokenization includes assets such as equity, real estate, investment funds, and even fine art.

In addition to the recent news involving tZERO, Securitize has made a number of headlines as of late.

In March, Securitize joined the HyperLedger Blockchain Project and announced they would host Vemanti Group’s upcoming Security Token Offering (STO).

In April, they launched the ‘Securitize Ready Program’, which assists in the initial issuance and life-cycle management of security tokens. They also partnered with Nexo, who will launch credit lines backed by tokenized securities using the DS Protocol.

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Image courtesy of tZERO and Securitize.