This 19-Year-Old Is Set On Transforming the Security Token Space

This 19-Year-Old Is Set On Transforming the Security Token Space

The Security Token Alliance (STA) has grown tremendously in the past year. However, what most don’t realize is that the STA is actually led by a 19-year-old ‘kid’ named Frederik Bussler. 

It goes without saying that fintech and emerging technologies tend to attract a younger crowd. They’re generally the ones with the most novel ideas, and most likely to propel the space forward. However, that being said, it might still shock you that the Security Token Alliance is led by a 19-year-old. His name is Frederik Bussler.

Bussler is not your average 19-year-old. He is a German-American who also leads the World Data Science Forum as well as serving on several advisory boards. He’s spoken to audiences ranging from IBM to Nikkei to Slush Tokyo.

Bussler, despite his young age, takes a legal-first approach to the cryptocurrency space. Previously having worked for Maven 11 Capital, a blockchain investment firm, the 19-year-old focuses on compliance-first. He believes this is crucial for the space to mature, especially given the SEC recently going over Kik’s $100M ICO.

The goal of the STO under Bussler is simple: they are trying to create a fully fleshed out ecosystem. As Forbes writer Ilker Koksal writes: 

Rather than attempt to revolutionize the industry and take down established players, STA is an attempt to evolve the industry with key benefits like increased operational efficiency, while complying with government regulations, thus appeasing the major stakeholders, and offering a more promising future for digital finance.

This multi-faceted approach is what will propel the security token space forward, not just new projects.

Do you believe STA is taking the right approach in the long-term? Let us know your thoughts below. 

Image courtesy of Medium.