Tesla Set to Release Q1 2024 Earnings Amid Lowered Expectations
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Tesla Set to Release Q1 2024 Earnings Amid Lowered Expectations

Tesla's Q1 2024 earnings expected to decline amid production challenges and increased competition.
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Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) is scheduled to report its first-quarter 2024 earnings after the market closes on April 23, with analysts anticipating a significant drop in earnings per share (EPS) compared to the same period last year.

The consensus EPS forecast for Q1 2024 stands at $0.39, a sharp decline from the $0.73 reported in Q1 2023. Expected sales are around $22.95 billion, which, if accurate, would mark a 2% decrease year-over-year.

Tesla Stock Has Declined Over 30% YTD; Analysts Adjust Expectations

The electric vehicle manufacturer has faced several challenges recently, including production ramp-up issues with the updated Model 3 and factory shutdowns, which have contributed to delivery shortfalls.

As a result, analysts have lowered their delivery expectations for 2024, with projections ranging from 1.77 million to 1.84 million, compared to the 1.81 million vehicles delivered in 2023. This has led to analysts’ downward adjustment of price targets and earnings estimates in anticipation of weaker-than-expected results.

Tesla’s stock has declined by more than 30% in 2024 amid negative earnings revisions and concerns over delivery numbers. The company’s strategic focus appears to be shifting towards developing its self-driving robotaxi platform, rather than lower-cost consumer models like the highly anticipated Model 2. This shift in priorities has raised questions among investors about the company’s future growth prospects.

Tesla Faces Increased Scrutiny From Regulators

In addition to internal challenges, Tesla is facing increased scrutiny from regulators, particularly regarding its Autopilot system and other safety concerns. The company has also been grappling with intensified competition, especially in the crucial Chinese market, where rivals like BYD are gaining substantial market share at Tesla’s expense.

For the full year 2023, Tesla reported a total EPS of $3.12, with revenues growing 19% to $96.77 billion. However, the consensus EPS forecast for the entire year of 2024 is $2.71, reflecting a 13% decrease from the previous year and indicating another year of profit declines.

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