Security Token Issuance Platform TokenSoft Announces Support for Tezos

Security Token Issuance Platform TokenSoft Announces Support for Tezos

As of July 8th 2019, TokenSoft officially supports security token issuance on the Tezos blockchain. The two companies have worked together for more than a year, with recent smart contract developments leading to the recent integration.

Why TokenSoft Now Supports the Tezos Blockchain

TokenSoft is a security token issuance and management platform.

It enables companies to compliantly issue tokenized securities in a secure manner through its enterprise-grade cold storage custody solution, the Knox Wallet.

Now, TokenSoft clients will be able to issue securities on the Tezos blockchain.

According to TokenSoft CEO Mason Borda,

“We first started working with the Tezos blockchain over a year ago, we’re excited to take our services to the next level. With the introduction of the Tezos multi-signature and FA1.2 smart contracts, we now have the key ingredients to provide our institutional grade services on the Tezos blockchain.”

The Tezos blockchain offers a number of advantages for security tokens, says TokenSoft. These include institutional-grade smart contracts, secure custody, familiarity due to similarity with the ERC-1404, and upgradability.

TokenSoft now looks to enable institutional adoption on the Tezos blockchain by providing services such as:

  • International Compliance Support — TokenSoft has experience providing compliance support for banking, securities, and tax regulations in up to 56 countries.
  • Security-First Approach — TokenSoft was the first company to bring multi-signature, cold storage technology to digital securities. Every piece of infrastructure is designed and implemented with a security-first mindset.
  • Experience — With over 20 years of combined experience in blockchain technology, the TokenSoft team has the knowledge to support digital security strategy today and as the landscape evolves in the future.

The Tezos Blockchain and Security Tokens Explained

The announcement comes as the Tezos blockchain has made recent headlines featuring the integration of regulated security tokens.

Securitize and Elevated Returns announced a deal to tokenize $1 billion worth of real estate assets on Tezos, while BTG Pactual recently announced plans to sell $1 billion worth of security tokens on Tezos.

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Image courtesy of Tezos.