Security Token Alliance Onboards Sharkaroo

Security Token Alliance Onboards Sharkaroo

The Security Token Alliance has just announced it is partnering with Sharkaroo. The alliance is made up of members who are considered leaders in the security token space.

Recently, we reported on Frederik Bussler. He’s the 19-year old founder of the Security Token Alliance (STA). In the past year, the alliance has been growing as it onboards new partners. Ultimately, the goal is to create a hub for major players within the security token space.

The latest addition to the alliance is Sharkaroo, a company specializing in project management and governance for digital security offerings. Being the industry-leading alliance for security tokens, the Founder of North American Operations for Sharkaroo said the choice was obvious. “Many of our friends are here, so peer pressure played a role,” he said.

Ultimately, the goal of STA is to create a single governing body for the security token industry.

Sharkaroo, right now, is amidst a massive expansion which is likely why STA took notice. For the remainder of 2019, the company plans to release master nodes to “give back to the community.” The company is also currently signing on security token professionals to broaden its services.

Do you believe the STA can become the governing body for the entire security token industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

Îmage courtesy of Security Token Alliance.