Security Token Academy Unveils New Video Series

Security Token Academy Unveils New Video Series

The Security Token Academy has released a new video series which highlights the leading companies in the security token industry. The collection of informative videos features dozens of industry leaders and their corporate members.

You may remember that the Security Token Academy held its Industry Launch Event in October of 2018. The event was intended as a formal introduction to the security token sector, with speakers such as David Weild, the former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ. The event was a massive success, and since then the Security Token Academy has been providing instructional guidance to educate the public about this exciting new industry.

In light of their mission, the academy is now unveiling another piece of its vision. They are releasing a video series which features key members of the security token space. The videos cover many topics from experts in many key areas including token issuances, to exchanges, to law.

All of the companies featured in the video series are part of the Security Token Academy’s Corporate Member companies. Some of the companies featured include SeedInvest, TokenSoft, VerifyInvestor, and Tokeny.

Commenting on the release of their new video series, the founder of the Security Token Academy, Aubrey Chernick, had this to say:

“Security tokens have the potential to power a massive disruption in the financial industry. They can enable crypto-based fundraising and tokenize trillions of dollars of global assets, including equity and debt capital markets, commercial real estate and more. As the STO industry continues to evolve and develop, we are very pleased to bring together all of these leaders to share their opinions.”

For an informative look at the many developments happening behind-the-scenes in the security token sector, you may want to check out these instructional videos.

Is building up educational resources on security tokens a prime focus right now for the sector? Or should we instead be building the necessary digital infrastructure? Let us know your thoughts belo.

Image courtesy of Security Token Academy.