Own Group and Hamersley Announce Partneship to Create a Digital Assets Platform

Own Group and Hamersley Announce Partneship to Create a Digital Assets Platform

The tokenization company Own Group and Hamersley Digital Markets will combine their knowledge to create a platform for issuing and trading tokenized securities. The platform will be for the complete, end-to-end lifecycle of digital securities.

Another digital assets platform has just been announced. Hamersley Digital Markets, a Hamersley Partners company, will be introducing their institutional investors to a whole new asset class: digital securities. With the help of Own’s full stack tokenization technology, the two firms just recently announced a partnership to construct a digital assets platform.

Hamersley Partners is an SEC-registered broker-dealer which was founded in 2004. Based in Boston, they are both a member of FINRA and the SIPC. Investing in cryptocurrencies since 2013, the company is now looking forward to expanding into the digital assets realm more formally. They are hoping to boost adoption among investors.

Own Group will be providing the digital infrastructure necessary to construct this security token platform. They have 25 years of market experience in the traditional investment world but have recently been building the technology necessary for the token economy.

Sascha Ragtschaa, CEO of Own, spoke on the partnership very positively, saying:

“We are excited to sign this deal with Hamersley and work together on providing a seamless asset tokenization process for forward-thinking clients in North America and the rest of the world. As always, Own is proud to be joining forces with such a long-standing and established financial services player looking to innovate the financial markets.”

However, the two companies have some competition if they wish to establish their digital assets platform in the greater security token space. TokenSoft and so many other platforms already exist, but accessibility is still limited.

What do you think of this announced partnership? Are you familiar with either company and do you think it shows promise? Let us know in the comments.

Image courtesy of Hamersley.