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Updated February 09, 2024

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You might be familiar with Discord, the VOIP service and messaging platform. Currently valued at $15 billion and with a highly-anticipated IPO, it has gone a long way in replacing traditional text forums, along with doing a number on Skype, Ventrilo, and Teamspeak for use in gaming.

What you might not have known is that among Discord’s 19 million servers, there are more than a couple that are focused on investing of all stripes—stock trading included. However, separating the wheat from the chaff is never easy—but we’ve done most of the work for you.

In this day and age, online communities are fast becoming some of the most effective tools to educate yourself. Communities that organically form or congregate around a single topic simply can’t be replicated—and the level of peer learning, active discussion, and community engagement sets them apart from traditional sources of information.

We’ve curated a list of the 6 best stock trading Discords. We’ve tried to rank them with everything considered—but understandably, they have different focuses, so which one will end up being the best for you is a question that depends on your specific goals.

Still, we’ve made a pretty good list to help narrow down the search. We looked at price, community engagement, the level of expertise and moderation, as well as the quality of information, added bonuses such as trading alerts and trading ideas, and these are the six servers that stood apart—let’s take a look.

Best Stock Trading Discords

Here are some of the best stock trading discords that we rounded up for you:

  1. HighStrike
    Best Overall
  2. R2R Trading
    Most Versatile
  3. Stock Dads Discord
    Best for Education
  4. Wallstreetbets
    Best for Small Investments
  5. Black Box Stocks
    Best for Options Trading
  6. PennyBois Alerts
    Best for OTC Trading

1. HighStrike – Best Overall

Founded by Ben Zogby in 2018, HighStrike is the first Discord server on our list. It offers a variety of benefits and resources to traders—from a very comprehensive lesson plan all the way to live trading sessions with experts. Let’s take a closer look at the factors that made this the number one pick.


  • Plenty of live-streamed trades
  • Three separate tiers of education
  • Covers options trading as well as stocks


  • Less educational material overall than some competitors
  • One-time fees come at steep asking prices
Visit HighStrike on HighStrike’s website

One of the most notable things about HighStrike is the way that the service is organized. These guys didn’t opt for a one-size-fits-all approach—instead, they offer three separate plans, catered toward different experience levels and goals. To date, they have managed to cultivate a community that is 10,000+ members strong.

No matter which one you choose, a majority of the time spent with any of the plans will include Discord. These three plans are the Trading School, Trading Room, and Alpha group.

For a one-time fee of $397, the Trading School consists of five modules that cover everything from setting up an account, using a trading platform, and the basics of stock trading, all the way up to complex trading strategies, case studies, and options trading.

A small caveat here—although it is featured in many of our reviews of top stock brokerages, TD Ameritrade is the brokerage for which the lessons are tailored to. Although the general guides and platform tutorials can still be of use, traders who already use other platforms and choose HighStrike will have to find platform tutorials elsewhere.

The Trading School Discord server features more than 20 hours of learning material and boasts an active community of 5,000 members.

That’s appealing for beginners—but if you’ve already got some notches under your belt, HighStrike’s second tier, the Trading Room, is where it’s at. On top of providing access to an additional 80 hours of educational materials, this tier is where the features of Discord as a platform start to shine.

Subscribers to the Trading Room will be set back $99 per month—but in return, they get access to live trading sessions conducted by experts every day, executing and streaming at least 2 or 3 trades each day.

On top of providing a constant stream of hands-on experience, HighStrike has also focused on community interaction—with a vibrant server, frequent Q&A sessions conducted with the in-house trading experts, and plenty of community collaboration, including the free sharing of trading ideas, it’s no wonder this server ended up at number one.

2. R2R Trading – Most Versatile

The brainchild of Canadian trader Adrian Dawson, R2R trading is an up-and-coming community that is centered around a wide variety of trading strategies—from regular stocks, penny stocks, and options to futures, sports betting, and crypto.


  • Wide variety of trading strategies and styles supported
  • A huge (30+) team of experts
  • Proprietary algorithm


  • All education is done via live streams
  • Self-direction is needed due to huge amount of variety
Visit R2R Trading on R2R Trading’s website

One of the things that set R2R trading apart is the sheer size of its team of experts—whereas most Discord communities have two or three, R2R has….drumroll please, more than 30 experts.

Although most of the content and features available via this server require premium subscriptions, even signing up for free gives you access to several Discord channels, a couple of occasional previews of analyst alerts, as well as free alerts from Twitter & stock bots.

The VIP Starter plan, which costs $65 per month, also gives you access to the VIP chat room, alerts from six analysts covering day trading, swing trading, options day trading, options swing trading, and futures analysis.

For $95 per month, the VIP Advanced plan offers access to trade alerts from more than 25 analysts, which include the addition of Forex trading, crypto, and sports betting, as well as live trading sessions, classes, and daily briefs by experts.

Last but not least, R2R has a proprietary trading algorithm—the Toro algorithm. Subscribing to the VIP Elite package at $165 per month will give you full access to the algo, which serves as a 5-in1- indicator that has several strategies built into it. 

Although it doesn’t support automatic trading, it does have a ton of nifty features—from automatically drawing support and resistance, and detecting potential reversals to giving out long and short signals to traders.

On top of all that, experienced traders also get an additional bonus—R2R trading is actively involved in reviewing prop trading firms, and even offer significant discounts for signing up from time to time.

There is truly a wealth of information to be absorbed from this community. We’d single out the sheer variety of their featured experts here—with more than 30 experts providing alerts, trading ideas, and live trading sessions, whatever your preferred strategy might be, you’re bound to run across a good source of info with R2R.

Although the asking price is a bit steep when compared to some of the competition, you’re still getting a lot of bang for your buck—all in all, we would recommend this server to intermediate traders who have outgrown free tools and market analysis.

3. Stock Dads Discord – Best For Education

Stock Dads was born out of a simple idea — helping regular, lower, and middle-class fathers build generational wealth for their children.


  • Plenty of educational material
  • Live virtual trading
  • Trading Alerts


  • Not a lot of benefit to the highest premium tier
  • No free option
Visit Stock Dads on Stock Dads website

Membership in this Discord server comes at three price points—$25 per week for the Rookie tier, $90 per month for the Pro tier, and $950 per year for the Hall-of-Fame tier. The rookie tier provides access to real-time alerts for stocks, options, sports betting, and crypto, live virtual trading, and educational streams conducted by in-house experts, as well as access to all the channels in the Discord server. On top of that, subscribers gain access to a real-time option floor, AI alerts, and access to licensed financial professionals (think CPAs, CFPs, and the like).

Going up one tier to the Pro plan, we find Stock Dad’s biggest selling point by far—access to more than 350 books, tools, and downloadable educational resources.

In addition to that, subscribers gain access to exclusive stock analysis reports done in-house, as well as the Stock Dads Academy, which covers various investing topics, as well as the Technical Wizard, which is basically a collection of mini-courses that cover all technical analysis topics in great detail.

Apart from the regular Discord, the service also runs a separate server oriented toward cryptocurrency. Crypto Dads comes with three subscription plans, priced at $35 per month, $100 per quarter, and $400 per year.

Straight off the bat, the two higher tiers offer little in terms of benefits compared to the first $35 per month plan—although since the price ends up being quite similar in the end, they aren’t necessarily worse. The only tangible benefit (for now, at least) of the $100 per quarter and $400 per year is the ability to take part in giveaways and raffles.

As for what you get in all of the plans—real-time alerts for crypto tokens, NFTs, the Metaverse, and small-cap coins, access to the Crypto Dads Academy, live virtual trading and educational streams with analysts, as well as real-time news and access to a library of books, tools, and downloadable resources.

4. Wallstreetbets – Best for Small Investments

You probably knew this one was coming—infamous, notorious, and infinitely charming, the community of Reddit’s /r Wallstreetbets was the biggest story in the world for a little while. The community behind the Gamestop short saga primarily still congregates on Reddit—but they also have a Discord server that’s 551800 people strong.

The people that brought retail trading, short selling, and short squeezes into everyone’s vocabulary are still active, a couple of temporary bans aside. Do they still offer something of value? They do. Should you tread very carefully when it comes to this group? Absolutely.


  • Organic community focused on retail trading
  • Wide variety of assets, styles, and strategies supported


  • Chaotic
  • Lack of vetted experts
  • Reliance on risky trades
Visit Wallstreetbets on Wallstreetbest website

It comes as little surprise that a completely organic, spur-of-the-moment community, which verges on being a “movement” won’t have a typical trading Discord. Wallstreetbets is many things—but traditional and hierarchical it is not.

The community’s Discord server currently offers three premium plans—WSB Premium, WSB Premium+, and WSB VIP. The subscriptions cost $4.99, $49.99, and $99.99, respectively.

So, what do you get in return? The first subscription tier gives you access to a separate voice and text channel reserved for Premium subscribers. WSB Premium+ offers nothing of practical value—merely a couple of ways to make your user profile on Discord stand out.

Last but not least, the WSB VIP plan gives subscribers access to yet another, even more exclusive line of communication.

So, let’s do a quick recap here—no access to educational resources, no mentoring or lessons, and no “official” trading ideas. While that might sound rather barebones in comparison to most other servers on this list, we’re dealing with a completely different beast here.

While experts can be found within Wallstreetbets, you’ll have to do the legwork as far as research goes. Everyone can contribute, but those who have shared winning trading ideas will naturally receive more attention—WSB operates on a street cred economy.

As for the lack of educational resources, we cannot stress this enough—do not start out with WSB if you’re a beginner. The server hosts an incredibly vibrant, creative, and oftentimes ingenious community—but with little oversight, risky trading ideas, and lots of hype, this isn’t the place to cut your teeth.

Perhaps a bit unconventionally, we selected this server as the best one for small investments—and we stand by that assessment. 

If you’re already an experienced trader, with at least a year and a half of practice, having access to WSB’s creative hivemind can help you figure out a way to identify these unconventional opportunities on your own. 

Investing small amounts of money using the server’s trading ideas here and there can lead to gains, provided you do your own due diligence—but please, for the love of God, don’t base your decisions on what the people who made “YOLO-ing your life savings” into a comprehensible statement are doing.

5. Black Box Stocks – Best for Options Trading

Founded in Dallas Texas in 2011 by Gust Kepler, Eric Pharis, and David Kyle, Black Box Stocks is a financial technology and social media platform that offers institutional-grade tools to retail investors. One thing that immediately sets it apart is that this is actually a publicly-traded company, traded under the ticker NASDAQ: BLBX.


  • Institutional-grade tools
  • Great analysis features for options
  • Access to stock screeners


  • Less focus on stocks than on options
  • Quite expensive
Visit Black Box Stocks on Black Box Stocks website

While this review does primarily focus on Discord servers centered around trading stocks (and Black Box Stocks does provide value for stock traders) at the asking price that’s demanded, and with the numerous features focused on options, we would recommend the server primarily to options traders.

The Black Box Stocks Discord server is private—there is no free membership and only traders that subscribe to the whole package that Black Box offers are given access.

Unlike plenty of other stock trading Discords, in the case of Black Box Stocks, at least a couple of moderators are online at all times. This ensures not only a steady stream of content and trading ideas but also helps to keep discussions among members focused and on-point.

Here’s the first caveat—price. In comparison with a lot of other servers on this list, Black Box Stocks is expensive, with the price clocking in at $99.97 a month, or $959 if billed annually (compared to the $1199.64 total if billed monthly). That’s a big ask, but if you can afford it, it’s well worth the price.

That’s mainly due to the sheer amount and quality of the trading tools you gain access to. These are institutional-grade plugins, scanners, and charting tools — and heavy-duty tools come with heavy-duty prices.

These tools include momentum scanners, options dark pool analytics, an options flow scanner, and an automated alert system that scans 11,000 stocks multiple times each second in search of big moves and volatility.

With that, subscribers gain access to watchlists, the ability to filter stocks and options by a staggering variety of metrics, as well as access to a couple of proprietary technical indicators developed by Black Box. 

Of course, Black Box also gives alerts — and while this mostly serves as an options alert service, it is precise, timely, and always contains in-depth explanations as to why the proposed trade makes sense.

The Discord server hosts a weekly webinar covering stocks, options, and the tools used to trade them, and subscribing also gives access to various private Twitter groups, allowing members to stay informed through a variety of channels.

6. PennyBois Alerts – Best for OTC Trading

Founded by Austin Wynn, a speculative growth trader with a focus on small/mid-cap stocks, PennyBois alerts has grown beyond its original scope. Instead of solely focusing on penny stocks, the service now covers crypto, options, and other stocks — and its Discord server now has a lively community of 40,000 traders.


  • Free tier supported
  • 24 premium courses, 7 in-house analysts
  • Options alerts provided


  • Expensive
  • Narrower array of educational materials compared to the competition
  • Penny stocks and OTC securities are risky
Visit PennyBois Alerts on PennyBois Alerts website

The events and updates channel will let you know when the free daily streams are scheduled and what topic they will be dealing with. The free section also has a dedicated channel for stock, options, and crypto alerts that come with market sentiment and clear entry and exit points. The free class channel offers access to more than 10 free classes which cover the basics of trading.

PennyBois premium goes far above and beyond the Discord server. There are two premium plans — with and without options. A 30-day subscription costs $79.99, and $99,99 with options. A 90-day subscription will set you back $209.99 without options, and $259.99 with them, while the 1-year subscription clocks in at $799.99, and $994.99 with options.

So, what do you get in return for those admittedly high prices? A premium daily watchlist that provides both bullish and bearish entries and targets, a comprehensive video education course, daily live trading sessions with the team, and real-time stock and crypto notifications. On top of that, this is the only server with a pronounced focus on penny stocks and OTC securities.

Adding options into the mix adds options alerts catered toward all experience levels, weekly live-streamed workshops focusing on options, earnings trade alerts, and a guide to complex options strategies.

One thing we would highlight is that the service also provides SMS alerts—something that can come in handy for part-time traders who aren’t used to monitoring the market at all times.

In terms of paid education, PennyBois have 24 premium courses that can be purchased individually, or through one of 5 bundles focused on a particular topic. If you’re interested in something a bit more rigid and structured, Pennybois University is an 8-week, 22-class course that covers trading psychology, charting, trading strategies, risk management, and options trading.

At least one of the 7 in-house analysts is always online on the server, and they’re generally helpful, quick to respond, and ready to offer a helping hand or at least point you in the right direction.

If you’re particularly interested in crypto trading, Pennybois has a sister server — Titan Trading, which offers most of the same features but is heavily focused on leveraged crypto trading.

Deep Dive into Stock Trading 📚

Unlike investing, which focuses on the long term, and is often called a buy-and-hold approach, stock trading refers to a shorter-term approach. Investors want to secure profit from capital appreciation in the long term, while traders seek to lock in gains from price movements.

One of our favorite approaches is swing trading. A middle-of-the-road strategy, swing trading focuses on holding positions for a matter of days to weeks, seeking to secure profit from medium-term moves in price.

Day trading is another approach — focusing on buying and selling or shorting a stock in the confines of a single trading day. Because of the short timeframe, day trading seeks to secure profits from small, short-term moves in price.

Two of the main avenues of analysis when it comes to stocks are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. While we certainly recommend learning about both, for stock trading, technical analysis, which is the study of price action, is the main approach.

Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, is concerned with analyzing various metrics from a company’s financial statements, such as balance sheets. The goal is to figure out the fair value or intrinsic value of a stock and invest in it on the basis of whether it is undervalued or overvalued.

We’ve already mentioned our favored approach, swing trading — while it also primarily relies on technical analysis, adding fundamental analysis into the mix can make longer-term trades more secure.

In terms of risk management, staying aware of shifting macroeconomic factors, such as interest rates, job numbers, and the performance of various indices (like the Dow Jones Industrial Average) can give you a good idea of how the market is faring. News events, political events, and global trends also go a long way in determining market conditions.

The main tools of risk management are stop-loss orders. In essence, this order will kick in and sell off a security when it hits a predetermined price — therefore preventing you from locking in any further losses. Other tenets of risk management include having a properly diversified portfolio, using only 1% or 2% of your account on any given trade, and getting a good understanding of trading psychology and factors such as FOMO and analysis paralysis.

Understand Day Trading 📘

There are various strategies under the umbrella term of day trading, such as swing trading, which focuses on short-term trades held for only a matter of seconds or minutes, aiming to profit off of small price changes but on high trading volume.

On the other hand, other approaches like momentum trading or breakout trading try to find more significant price moves. Momentum trading focuses on following trends in the market until they run their course, while breakout trading is focused on finding stocks that have breached their prior levels of support and resistance.

When it comes to analysis, day traders live and breathe technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is of little use here, as it focuses on long-term factors. Price action, changes in trading volume, the use of technical indicators, and identifying stock chart patterns are priorities for day traders.

In terms of risk management, setting stop losses is even more crucial than it is in longer-term trading or investing. On top of that, traders usually only risk 1% or 2% of their total account on any given trade to prevent excessive losses.

Finally, the cherry on top is the risk-to-reward ratio – by combining clear entry and exit points with stop losses, traders only get into a trade where rewards outweigh risks. Day traders also have two more things to keep in mind — and they are margin and leverage, which allow traders to open larger positions.

Because day trading focuses on short-term moves, it’s incredibly important to stay informed and keep your finger on the pulse of the market. Earnings releases, interest rate changes, large geopolitical events, and news releases — all of these factors can have a huge and immediate impact on a stock. Staying up to date on the news, subscribing to a couple of newsletters, and keeping track of an economic calendar is a good starting point.

On top of that, other market conditions such as volatility, volume, and liquidity have a huge impact on short-term price movements — another thing day traders must keep in mind.

Day traders also need access to specialized tools — platforms with a focus on charting, real-time and level 2 data, live news feeds, and access to a host of technical indicators.

What to Look for in a Discord Stock Server 🔍

When evaluating Discord stock trading servers, it’s important to consider certain factors to ensure you join a community that aligns with your trading goals and preferences. The first, of course, is strategy—if you’re interested in swing trading, for example, joining a server that focuses on scalping won’t do you any good.

We’ve summarized why we chose the six servers we have above—but make no mistake, there are plenty of servers that are worth looking into apart from them—we simply couldn’t include all of them here.

What we can do, however, is give you a blueprint or checklist of the most important elements and features to look for. Keep these points in mind when evaluating a potential server, and you’ll be able to tell whether or not it would be a good fit for your needs.

Active and Engaging Community 💬

Having access to expert opinions is a huge advantage—and we’ll get to that in a second, but what really sets apart stock trading Discords as platforms is their communities. Active, lively, and engaging communities offer a host of benefits.

For one, an energized community will organically serve as a source of market updates. Thousands of like-minded traders congregating in one spot guarantees that news will be shared quickly—and rarely anything will fall between the cracks and be missed. In this sense, a community helps with keeping you informed at all times.

Next, having so many different traders is bound to produce a diversity of perspectives. Whether it’s an industry you’re unfamiliar with, an attractive company that slid under your radar, or an entirely new way to trade or invest, being in touch with a diverse group of traders worldwide is sure to broaden your horizons.

On top of that, these communities quite often lead to natural collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship. Supportive communities have a habit of answering frequent questions, giving advice, and sharing their trading experience—along with being a form of emotional support when things go sideways.

Having access to peers is important as it can be a great source of motivation—legitimate proof, if you will, that others with circumstances similar to your own can make it.

Experienced Moderators and Experts 👨‍🏫

Think of it this way: an active and engaging community means a server is alive—experienced moderators and experts ensure that it’s a life worth living.

The experts associated with a server usually create, curate, and publish content on the server—as well as handle things like lessons, live-streamed trading sessions, and Q&A sessions.

Talking a big game is easy—when evaluating a server’s experts, look for transparency, track records, and how long they’ve been in business. As always, guaranteed profits are not a thing—if you come across someone who claims they can guarantee profits, be suspicious – this is a telltale sign of an investment scam.

On the other hand, moderators keep the flow of information tidy and functional. You have to keep in mind that these servers sometimes have thousands of active participants at a time—and although not all of them will be in voice channels or typing 24/7, there still has to be a certain level in order to make everything manageable.

Moderators make sure ill-intentioned members, scammers, and other undesirables don’t get to ruin everyone else’s fun, while also contributing in other ways: monitoring content, enforcing rules, taking care of server invites, and managing extensions and add-ons that make the user experience better.

Quality Information and Resources 📜

Having access to high-quality information is of the utmost importance when trading. The internet is full of info—to the point where parsing through it and picking apart what is good and what is not can be quite tedious. 

Most servers will have a team of experienced traders curate any important news events—with the most relevant usually being emphasized in a channel with a sticky message. This makes things more efficient overall—ensuring that the information you get access to is verified and credible.

Apart from news, high-quality servers include access to educational resources, webinars, Q&A sessions, tutorials, quizzes, live trading sessions, and other methods of study. This also extends to the practical side of things—with Discord communities routinely discussing trading tools such as screeners, the best stock trading platforms, charting software, and options trading alert services.

Real-Time Alerts and Trading Ideas ⌚

Being on time is half the battle when it comes to stock trading—and a Discord community that features real-time trade alerts for swing trading goes a long way in giving you a sizable advantage over the competition.

Real-time alerts and trading ideas allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of the market, with actionable intel that allows you to take advantage of any possible trading opportunities as soon as they arrive.

Getting a ping as soon as important news hits the market or stocks see a rapid increase or decrease in price and volume is also an element of risk management, as staying aware of your positions at all times is the key to preventing losses and locking in gains.

Furthermore, trading ideas concocted by experts serve both as valuable suggestions and as learning experiences. These aren’t simple posts saying: buy this stock—the best stock trading Discord servers include the rationale behind the suggestion as well. This makes these suggestions something more—a primer on how market analysis actually translates to a successful trading decision.

These trading ideas also tend to be a good exercise in discipline—as they come with clear entry and exit points. Last but not least, having access to a good set of trading ideas is a timesaving tool—allowing you to still maintain practice and a level of involvement without staring at a screen all day.

Focus on Education and Learning 👨‍🎓

Any server worth looking into doubles as a learning hub. Having access to one place that collects important news about the stock market and suggests trading ideas is neat—but learning to invest and trade is a continuous process, so education is non-negotiable.

We’ve already mentioned some of the basics that you’ll have to go over before you begin trading stocks, but they bear repeating: the tenets of risk management, technical analysis, trading strategies, and market analysis all have to be studied.

Not all servers were made with the same target audience in mind—and not all of them will cover each topic from A to Z. However, it is still beneficial if a server at least deals with all of the topics we’ve mentioned.

In particular, you should pay attention to risk management and trading strategies. Risk management is pretty universal, no matter what your style of trading might be—while strategies are highly-specific, and require a lot of focused learning, which itself requires a lot of tailor-made educational materials. 

Having access to a vibrant community of traders allows traders to share ideas and learn from their peers. While that is a potential fount of inspiration, it shouldn’t be taken as gospel—on the other hand, if a server has vetted experts who host live trading sessions where they walk users through every step of their decision-making process, that’s a bit more authoritative. The same holds true for Q&A sessions hosted by experts.

Well Organized Channels 🗃

The way in which the server itself is organized is also of paramount importance. Discord servers support multiple separate channels for communication via voice and via text. 

Having well-moderated, clearly delineated, and focused channels ensures that members can gain access to the information they’re after in a single click. Well-organized channels help to prevent information overload and help achieve a more efficient flow of information, which enhances time management.

In contrast, a chaotic server where the purpose of each channel isn’t clear is very hard to navigate—which can easily lead to frustration and missed trading opportunities, along with making it harder to foster a good community.

How Traders Utilize Discord Servers for Trading Success 👨‍💻

Online communities centered around trading have a variety of benefits. Although Discord servers are not the only resource of this kind, they are the most accessible and boast the liveliest communities.

A good server can almost serve as a one-stop shop for your trading needs. The cream of the crop provides real-time market updates, access to expert opinions and analysis, educational materials, as well as supportive communities that help keep your head in the game, offer support, and ideas, and offer plenty of opportunities for collaboration.

Real-time market updates such as news alerts, real-time discussions, and live feeds of market data or news streaming allow for a constant flow of information that keeps traders up to date at all times.

In terms of collaboration, having access to thousands of other traders of your skill level allows you to share insights, discuss strategies, and learn from each other’s experiences. A diverse set of opinions is much less prone to blind spots—and having access to peers will broaden your horizons, making you consider approaches and strategies that you otherwise would not have. 

Access to educational materials in one place helps streamline learning, while structured lesson plans help with knowledge retention and help everything gel together in your mind. 

On the more practical side of things, live trading sessions and Q&A sessions with experts allow you to get a more hands-on feel for things, as do tutorials. Seeing how experts do what they do is an invaluable resource — and so is observing their process, analysis methods, and the rationale behind their decisions.

Last but not least, these collaborative spaces usually provide trading alerts — ideas that you’re free to follow up on, usually with a short explanation and clear entry and exit points. While we would never recommend relying solely on alerts, they can be a sort of helping hand when first getting into things.

Conclusion 🏁

That’s the end of our review and guide. If you haven’t thought about joining and stock trading Discord, we hope that we’ve made you interested—and if you have, we hope we’ve managed to point you in the right direction.

Online communities centered around specific interests or activities are becoming increasingly popular—and in the case of stock trading, they’ve already become a very valuable resource for retail traders. Keep the criteria we’ve mentioned in mind, and give a couple of these communities a shot—more likely than not, you’ll find one that is both helpful and that you really enjoy being a part of.

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