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Best Stock Analysis Software

This guide explains the best stock analysis software you can leverage with virtually any trading strategy.

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Updated January 05, 2024

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Are you looking for software to help with your investing strategy?

Stock analysis software won’t all of a sudden elevate you to the top, but it will give you the insight you need to get there, whether you’re a beginner, a day trader, or long-term investor.

Stock analysis software will help you with:

  • ☑ Learning to move with market fluctuations Backtesting, so you can implement strategies using historical data.
  • ☑ Having up-to-date information under your belt will help you avoid making reactionary or emotion based decisions. When you have the stats from your stock analysis software, it’s easy to make more informed decisions.
  • ☑ Our list of the best stock analysis software covers a selection of different features from charting, news, analytics and real-time data. All features may differ depending on the plan you choose, so be sure to do your own research and double check what you’re signing up to.

Sound like stock analysis software can help you see greater gains? Let’s dive into the best software out there.

Top Stock Analysis Software

After extensive review, our list of the best stock analysis software includes:

  1. StockRover
    Best Overall
  2. WallStreetZen
    Best for Fundamental Analysis
  3. MetaStock
    Best Runner-up
  4. TC2000
    Best Free Software
  5. Scanz
    Best for Day Traders
  6. TrendSpider
    Best for Advanced Charting Systems
  7. TradingView
    Best Premium Software
  8. NinjaTrader
    Best for Automation

Reviews of the Best Software to Analyze Stocks 🏆

The greatest virtue of all the most successful investors is predicting the outcome of the investment, however, to do so is extremely hard in most cases, there are numerous indicators to look out for and that is where top stock analysis software comes into play. It allows you to predict patterns, generates data, helps you locate new opportunities and much more.

1. StockRover – Best Overall

StockRover Logo
StockRover is integrated with almost all of the big broker platforms and offers premium services.


  • Advanced comparative analysis
  • Recommendations with supporting data
  • No installation required
  • Available on PC, Mac, Smartphone and Tablet
  • Incredible reports on specific stocks generated in real-time


  • Could be improved by more technical indicators
Visit StockRover on StockRover’s website

StockRover Review 📖

StockRover integrates with almost every large broker, including Fidelity and Firstrade. Although you won’t be able to trade from charts, it will look after the profit and loss reporting and offer recommendations on portfolio rebalancing

This software is most suitable for long-term investors and those looking to optimize their portfolio income. A high-point of the software is its stock scanning, filtering, and of course, its fundamental watchlists. The premium service offers traders more than 150 thoughtfully pre-built screeners, including a favorite, Buffettology screener.

Pricing and Plans 💰

A free version of StockRover is available, and it is impressive. But the premium plus service unleashes the real potential of the software. Moreover, it comes in at a competitive price point of $27.99 per month. The analysis software runs on smartphones, Mac, PC, and tablets, with no installation necessary.

Features ⚙️

For news and social media integration, StockRover shows information from Benzinga News and Yahoo Finance. Yahoo Finance has a lot of great articles and news regarding the fluctuation of the stock for example StockRover could predict that Microsoft stocks are great to be bought or if NVIDIA shouldn’t be bought right now. While they are not real-time, this shouldn’t be an issue for any long-term investors. 

Using technical analysis and reading stock charts are crucial parts of trading. If these are a priority for you then it is worth noting that StockRover focuses on charting the fundamental financial strength indicators. In comparison, TradingView and MetaStock focus on hundreds of technical analysis indicators.

Now we know that StockRover is different from other software vendors, we can understand why it offers over 10 years of scanning possibilities and information—this is far better than almost all other stock screening packages.

For usability, the software can be set up within 15 minutes with no installation needed and no data feeds that need configuring. Even better, the software offers so many screeners and portfolios ready to be imported so that you can get started instantly.

For the long-term investor, there’s no better option than StockRover.

2. WallStreetZen: Best for Fundamental Analysis



  • Comprehensive suite of automated fundamental analysis tools
  • Features designed to help you quickly interpret large, complicated data sets
  • Database that tracks the performance of 4,000+ Wall Street analysts
  • Easily track your current portfolio
  • Attractive, easily-understood interface
  • Multiple options for discovering new stocks that fit your investment style


  • Does not currently integrate with brokerages
  • No technical analysis/charting
  • No international stocks
  • No mobile app
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Diving into WallStreetZen

WallStreetZen makes it easy for part-time investors to perform heavy fundamental analysis in minutes, not hours. This stock analysis software applies 38 fundamental due diligence checks on the latest financial data, and summarizes a stock’s fundamental strengths and weaknesses in simple, one-line explanations that help you make better long-term investing decisions.

Additionally, WallStreetZen compiles forecasts and price targets from Wall Street analysts and tracks their performance over multiple years, so users can follow recommendations from the small fraction of analysts who consistently make winning predictions. 

Pricing and Plans

A free Basic version of WallStreetZen is available and offers a powerful ensemble of stock fundamentals research tools, but frequent users of the site will want the Premium version’s unlimited access.

Premium is the only plan (no upsells) and comes in at just $150/year or $19/month, “less than the price of a weekly ☕””, as the company likes to put it.

There’s also a 14-day trial, and a 30-day, money-back guarantee.


Users of the site have 3 favorite features:

1. Top Analysts

WallStreetZen tracks and ranks nearly 4,000 analysts based on the performance, win rate, and consistency of their ratings, so you can find new stocks from analysts who consistently outperform their peers.

WallStreetZen also lets you dig into the reasons why a top analyst made their recommendation, so users can examine their current portfolio holdings against analyst narratives.

2. The Zen Score

The Zen Score is arguably WallStreetZen’s flagship feature. While a lot of stock analysis software offers a proprietary score, Zen Score is 100% transparent, so you can access the underlying analysis for yourself. 

In seconds, you can see the results of 38 due diligence checks run across each company’s 5 primary dimensions. These checks are inspired by legendary value investors like Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett.

3. Stock Ideas

Struggling to find new holdings for your portfolio? WallStreetZen has one of the best stock screeners we’ve come across.

22 pre-built screeners help you quickly sift through thousands of stocks to find the ones best suited for your investment style. “Strong Buy Stocks from Top Wall Street Analysts” and “Bullish Insider Buys” are 2 of the favorites.

But these 3 features just scratch the surface of WallStreetZen’s capabilities.

A completely customizable stock screener with a built-in exporter, multiple watchlists, consensus ratings, “Why Price Moved”, news feeds, visual comparisons, and so much more. The more you use it, the more you’ll find. All in a highly intuitive interface.

3. MetaStock: Best Runner-up

MetaStock Logo
MeaStock’s real-time news can benefit those who use fundamental stock analysis.


  • Robust scanning and analysis tools
  • A wide range of customization features
  • Interface is easy-to-use
  • Enables you to code indicators and trading systems


  • Some plans are priced higher than competitors
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Metastock Review 📙

Metastock is a staple in the world of stock analysis software—and for good reason. Released way back in 1985, this powerful tool has stood the test of time—and it still offers so much value that it easily earns the #2 position in our list.

MetaStock’s range of products offers all the tools needed to research stocks like a pro—with both technical and fundamental analysis. The MetaStock Xenith offers fundamentals, real-time news from Reuters, as well as data, analytics, and commentary from industry experts. 

Traders can utilize the Daily Charts to get some after-market analysis, while MetaStock will assist real-time traders to reach their goals. The Refinitiv DataLink for MetaStock also includes historical data that reaches back all the way to 1980.

Features 🧮

A powerful charting software pulls stats at the end of the trading day from exchanges around the globe. Traders can buy separate plug-ins and add-ons for functions and customization. 

MetaStock supports over 300 technical indicators and covers a wide range of assets, including ETFs, derivatives, mutual funds, equities, futures, forex, and commodities. And though MetaStock offers a wealth of data, it isn’t overwhelming, as it is quite easy to filter exactly what you need.

The core of MetaStock’s functionality are its proprietary PowerTools. This suite of pre-built systems allows you to backtest strategies, scan and filter the markets, generate buy and sell signals, and even utilize complex patent-pending technology to get a forecast of the probable future performance of securities. 

To make things even better, all of these tools are customizable—but takes a bit of know-how. While the wide array of tools is no doubt powerful, they do have a bit of a learning curve—thankfully, mastering these powerful features is well worth it.

Something important to note is that MetaStock software is only compatible with Windows. Unlike StockRover, which is most suited to long-term traders, MetaStock is best suited to short-term traders who want to do stock market analysis after the market closes, or during trading hours.

Pricing and Plans 💸

The software is available to buy as a once-off, or you can buy a monthly or annual subscription. The monthly subscription fees range from $69 to $300. On top of that, MetaStock offers a free 30-day trial.

MetaStock reigns supreme when it comes to technical analysis. Though some might say that it isn’t particularly user-friendly, that isn’t really the case—it’s more of a case that it offers so many tools that it can seem overwhelming to beginners.

At first glance, MetaStock might seem a tad expensive when compared to the competition—but it’s worth every penny. If you have the necessary knowledge and enough time to master this venerable piece of software, it will pay off in a big way.

4. TC2000 – Best Value

Worden TC2000
If you want a free and robust stock analysis tool, then TC2000 may be exactly what you need.


  • Robust scanning and charting tools
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Rich graphics
  • Beginners can practice trading using their strategies on a virtual similar


  • Filter systems need to be used to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the amount of data

Visit TC2000 on TC2000’s website

TC2000 Review 📘

TC2000 offers its stock analysis software for stocks and funds in the U.S and Canada. This software offers watchlists, charts, alerts, news, instant messaging, and sorting features.

The coverage of fundamental data comes hand in hand with a backtesting function for historical data. Unfortunately, no automated trading tools are included, though, and it offers assets and classes that are limited to ETFs, funds, and stocks.

TC2000 comes with some other highlights like hundreds of fundamental and technical indicators, along with a big selection of drawing tools. It’s available for iOS and Android, and has a good reputation for being easy to use and fast.

5. Scanz – Best For Day Traders

Scanz Logo
The Scanz stock analysis software is designed to especially benefit day traders.


  • High quality stock screener
  • Easy to use
  • Smart real-time news
  • Big suite of broker integrations


  • More expensive than some competitors
Visit Scanz on Scanz’s website

Scanz Review 📕

Scanz is considered one of the best options for day traders and has earned our best for day traders award for several reasons. This stock market software focuses on real time data and real time news straight to your screen. The pricing comes in average but offers a good amount for your money.

Data speeds are high, and users can benefit from the Chart Montage function that enables a powerful way of trading without the use of charts. Access a range of trading information including, level 2 data, and real time news.

Features 🧰

Scanz has a set of broker integrations that enables trading from charts, including from two giants in the industry, E*Trade and TD Ameritrade, and other leading stock brokers.

Access a library of fundamental screens, and a deal news section that is simple to implement, giving you all the goss on deals between companies, and contracts which can give you a step up in the game if you can quantify what impact the deal will have on the company’s bottom line.

Although Scanz does prioritize news, it falls on its social integration. There is also a lack of chart patterns and indicators.

The software does not score high on its backtesting as it is designed more for its technical analysis screening which is powerful, fast, and seamless. And in today’s irrational market, what a better time for technical analysts to shine?

This stock analysis software is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to view liquidity data and buy from the charts directly.

6. TrendSpider – Best for Advanced Charting Systems

TrendSpider Logo
The TrendSpider software offers advanced charting tools, designed for experienced investors.


  • Automatic Multi-TimeFrame Analysis
  • Easy to use backtesting
  • Automated Trend Line Detection
  • Real-time exchange data
  • ETFs, stocks, Forex, Futures, Crypto and Indices


  • No social platform
  • No auto trading
Visit TrendSpider on TrendSpider’s website

Black Friday Sale Details:
Wednesday, November 1st – Sunday, December 3rd

Monthly with trial:
Essential $29 (26% off)
Elite $39 (51% off)
Elite Plus $64 (64% off)

Annual with trial:
Essential $295 (37% off)
Elite $351 (63% off)
Elite Plus $494 (77% off)

Pre-pay no trial:
Essential $248 (47% Off)
Elite $265 (69% off)
Elite Plus $387 (82% off)

TrendSpider 📗

TrendSpider is a fairly new player to the technical analysis circle, but despite this, it has proven itself by using complex algorithms and a huge selection of  securities for numerous asset closet, making it our top pick for charting platforms.

This analysis software enables traders to implement complex strategies and get notified at particular, pre-set trigger points.

Pricing and Plans 💵

TrendSpider technology is innovative, fast and has some unique trendline automation, multi-timeframe analysis and trendline automation. In terms of pricing and software, TrendSpider offers an attractive starting point at $27 per month, including real-time data. It also covers a large range of assets from ETFs, futures, Crypto and forex.

Features 🔨

The software is full of technical analysis tools, ideal for anyone serious about market analysis looking to perform the job in a high quality and quickly.

Those prioritizing backtesting will be happy with TrendSpiders automated trend-lines that elevates the software into a leading package in the fintech industry.

Overall, due to the fact that this stock analysis software is innovative, traders should expect a learning curve to be able to utilize everything to its fullest.

7. TradingView – Best Premium Software

TradingView Logo
TradingView offers top-notch services for free, which makes it our top pick.


  • Simple system development
  • Easy to use, beginner friendly
  • Social First, Publish, Chat, Follow
  • Real time exchange data globally
  • Quality stock screening
  • Trades forex, stocks, cryptocurrency in the US and globally


  • No real-time news
Visit TradingView on TradingView’s website

TradingView Review 📚

TradingView offers its clients its software for free, however, it is recommended that you go PRO+ for a price of $19 a month, or purchase the Premium package priced at $39 a month which offers extensive benefits including priority customer support.

The brokerage also offers access to high-speed data, which allows clients to access stock markets around the world. Provided that you know how stock trading works, this is a great boon. The firm also offers coverage on mutual funds, futures, forex, ETF’s, bonds, and cryptocurrency, all included in the package fee.

Features ⛏️

TradingView stock analysis software is available on PC. The software is an HTML 5 application that runs through Cloud. When you initially launch the software, the HTML 5 code will download automatically, and run smoothly (in most cases) from there.

TradingView offers full broker integrations that enables you to place trades using charts and you won’t need to worry about analysis, or reporting your profit or less because it will all be taken care of for you. That said, stock options trading is not covered.

Another highlight of the stock analysis software is its fundamental scanning and screening. This covers filtering and real-time scanning, and of course, watchlists.

The sheer size of fundamentals available for you to filter and scan through is substantial. The amount of economic data including World Economic Growth and Federal Funds Rates is insane, all with thanks for the QUANDL database connection.

TradingView Community 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

The platform also supports moving averages and hosts an active community of its own. Together with a very informative news section, the social sphere that Tradingview provides shouldn’t be underestimated—you can learn a lot from fellow traders.

News feeds offer Kiplinger, Futures Magazine, DailyFX, StockTwits, and FXStreet. Not to mention, the social network, which combines beautifully. The news section is only beaten by MetaStock with its Reuters Feeds.

Advanced traders will appreciate the huge selection of 160 indicators, and fast charts like Kagi Charts, LineBreak, Heikin Ashi Charts, and Renko Charts. The systems, back testing and automation scores average.

The userbase of the platform actively develops and sells analysis systems. If you opt for the premium service, you can also sell your own. On top of that, numerous community-made indicators and systems are available free of charge.

The one thing that clients cannot do is forecast and implement Robotic Trading Automation. For this, MetaStock is a better option.

Last but not least, the platform is intuitive and easy to set up. There’s no installation per se, nor will you have to provide any personal data to get started.

8. NinjaTrader: Best for Automation

The NinjaTrader platform is highly customizable and offers top-notch research tools.


  • Competitive fees
  • Excellent educational material
  • Quality platform 
  • Great research tools


  • Higher withdrawal fees than competitors 
  • No mobile app
  • Assets limited to futures and options on futures 
Visit NinjaTrader on NinjaTrader’s website

Ninja Trader Review 📒

Another big player in the game for stock analysis is NinjaTrader. This software offers traders customized options and third-party solutions to help sort out any problem. Traders can benefit from all the general features, like charting, technical indicators, research tools and fundamentals. 

Where NinjaTrader really stands out though, is with its trading simulator. This feature allows investors to practice trading strategies and get a sense of the current environment, without any of the risk. 

NinjaTrader also shines due to the fact that traders can use its advanced charting, backtesting, and trading simulator free of charge.

How to Find the Best Stock Analysis Software For You 🕵️‍♂️

Trading is a perfect example of the idea, you get back what you put in. Finding good stocks today is quite hard, however, the most successful traders put their all into perfecting their craft, analyzing data, and making strategic decisions. 

Traders often see the best results and returns from putting in a proper amount of research and creating a strategy to suit all your individual needs and goals. A common phrase in the trading industry is, you are only as good as your last trade, and you better believe it. If you’re looking for direct assistance with your strategy, then it’s a better idea to leverage one of the best stock picking services as opposed to software.

So, how do you manage risk while still reaping the best results? Stock analysis software is just the place. We’ve already outlined our top 7, here’s how you can figure out which is for you.

Are you a day trader? See our top day trading platforms report.

Why is Stock Analysis Software Important? 🔬

Trading platforms these days offer traders key insight, real-time news and data that enables you to make the best decisions in your trading journey. Many platforms also provide some powerful tools to analyze your performance and forecast any potential volatility through the use of hundreds of indicators. With recent charts predicting new highs, understanding how to utilize these tools is critical to your success.

If you’re someone who knows how to trade after hours, then you already know the importance of reliable stock screening software. If you’re not using great software, then do what the pros do and make the best decisions by trustworthy stock analysis software.

Key Aspects to Consider in your Stock Analysis Software

Don’t become overwhelmed by all the possibilities of stock analysis software. Outline what data and features are most important for your strategy. We have compiled some of the key aspects to review during your research to help you out.

Interface ☑

The interface is more important than people realize when researching for the best stock analysis software. What use is a brilliant program that no one can use properly? Getting an interface that you can understand is essential. Look out for interfaces that you can customize to your own requirements. 

Functionality ☑

Although features are so important, they are useless without a robust and stable platform. A lot have issues that can really get on your nerves, like needing a certain system to run properly. Make sure to use your free trial to test it out before committing, and measure its responsiveness using a higher set of charts to really help you understand the market.

Usability ☑

How easy it is to use is another key consideration for your checklist. Figuring it out early on can save you time and unnecessary hardship. Keep an eye out for software that allows you to customize settings or views. 

Advanced Analytical Tools ☑

One of the main reasons to have a stock analysis program is for the advanced capabilities to help you stay on top of your next move. Charts help map out a story centered on the price action, you need to be able to see this in several time frames, using both bar charts and candlestick. Indicators are essential too because they give you insight over time.

📱 Looking to trade from your phone? See our top investment apps.

The Bottom Line 🏁

As we have outlined, there are several aspects to take into consideration when researching the best stock analysis software for you. And when you are in doubt about a stock, option, future or rather anything related to investing, stock analysis software can help you make a decision.

No reason to take sides when 2 traders debate regarding Vimeo stocks, for example—you can just turn to your analysis software and make your decision easily. However, the most important factor is to take your time to make the right decision.

All reviews, research, news and assessments of any kind on The Tokenist are compiled using a strict editorial review process by our editorial team. Neither our writers nor our editors receive direct compensation of any kind to publish information on Our company, Tokenist Media LLC, is community supported and may receive a small commission when you purchase products or services through links on our website. Click here for a full list of our partners and an in-depth explanation on how we get paid.