Cryptocurrency Exchange LAToken Partners with Dilendorf & Khurdayan to Assist with STO Implementation

Cryptocurrency Exchange LAToken Partners with Dilendorf & Khurdayan to Assist with STO Implementation

LAToken is partnering with law consulting firm Dilendorf & Khurdayan to ensure compliance for digital securities on the exchange. The partnership is meant to clarify the STOS currently held on the LAToken exchange.

Although there are plenty of security token platforms currently on the market, we have heard scant mention of existing cryptocurrency exchange exploring security token offerings. Now, cryptocurrency exchange LAToken has announced that it will be partnering with Dilendorf & Khurdayan to provide its clients with a legal structure. This will be done to ensure regulatory compliance on US markets.

In a period of legal uncertainity, LAToken is not taking any chances. They are onboarding legal experts to assist them in the still-undeveloped security token legal space.

Dilendorf & Khurdayan have a track record of assisting with a wide range of cryptocurrency projects, from tokenized real estate funds to wallet services. They have recently begun to be more and more involved with digital securities. In fact, the company has called themselves “STO specialists” due to how much of their services have been focusing on security tokens.

Although STOs are currently held on LAToken, the conflicting legal landscape means that the exchange will now have to properly register these offerings.

LAToken CEO Valentin Preobrazhenskiy said in a press release that it was a “great pleasure” to onboard Dilendorf & Khurdayan.

“The security tokenization market is still in its early beginnings, but Latoken already has many projects interested in running the full STO process on our platform. We believe that our partnership with Dilendorf & Khurdayan will significantly simplify our clients’ path to American qualified investors.”

LAToken is looking to get the leg-up on its competitors who still do not offer STO-related services.

Will you be using LAToken for security token offerings? Do you trust them? Let us know your thoughts below.

Image courtesy of LAToken.