Blockchain Advisory Company Newtown Partners Releases Comprehensive Primer on Security Tokens

Blockchain Advisory Company Newtown Partners Releases Comprehensive Primer on Security Tokens

San Francisco-based blockchain consulting firm has just released an exhaustive report on security tokens, STOs, and the current regulatory environment. The report also documents a few successful case studies.

Many analysts have discussed how the current security token market currently suffers from an asymmetry of information. That is to say, there simply is not enough information out there on security tokens and the many projects currently in development. Such information is necessary to develop trust between investors and security token issuers.

Newtown Partners, a San Francisco-based blockchain investment and advisory firm, has taken up this issue by releasing their own comprehensive primer on security tokens. The report documents the many aspects of the security token market in great detail, from the many categories of security tokens to issuing them to the current regulatory environment.

The 29-page report also outlines some specific case studies on debt security tokens, hybrid security tokens, and potential future designs.

Capturing the complexity of the security token space, the report makes clear the many security token stacks currently available or in development. For example, dual token issuances, token standards, debt tokens, and convertible tokens are all mentioned. The document also discusses the market landscape, such as the STO model and successful STOs conducted before the time of writing.

For those of us closely following the security token industry, the primer is a curious read. Check it out… you just might learn something.

Any thoughts on the report put out by Newtown Partners? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Newtown Partners.

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